Hemp Foods Bill TODAY!

Newsletter 17 October 2019
Hello Visitor,

Today is the day.

The one and only shot we will get. The Hemp Foods Bill will go before committee today and CDPHE will try to kill our bill. We need every body there to testify in favor of the bill and ask for a Yes vote.

Committee is today at 1:30pm although there is a bill before us, so if you came around 2:30 or 3:00, it would be fine. The hemp foods bill will be heard in House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources in room HCR 0107 (first floor)

If you can not make or send anyone down from your company to testify please write a letter on your company letter head asking for a yes vote on the Hemp Foods Bill 1295 and send to GHC via email and we will print out and give to the committee today. This must be done asap by 1:00 pm today. Thank you. PLEASE EMAIL LETTER TO info@growhempcolorado.com and copy and paste these address in and send to as well. Please call or text with any questions. 720.401.5609

jeni.arndt.house@state.co.us; perrybuck49@gmail.com; chris.hansen.house@state.co.us; hugh.mckean.house@state.co.us; donald.valdez.house@state.co.us; marc.catlin.house@state.co.us; dominique.jackson.house@state.co.us; dylan.roberts.house@state.co.us; jon.becker.house@state.co.us; jessie.danielson.house@state.co.us; kimmi.lewis.house@state.co.us; lori.saine.house@state.co.us

You can also listen remotely to testimony today - https://leg.colorado.gov/committee/granicus/1220641

Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources - Committee Members

Representative Jeni Arndt - jeni.arndt.house@state.co.us  303-866-2917
Representative Perry Buck - perrybuck49@gmail.com - 303-866-2907

Representative Chris Hansen - chris.hansen.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2967

Representative Hugh McKean - hugh.mckean.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2947

Representative Donald Valdez - donald.valdez.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2916

Representative Daneya Esgar - daneya.esgar.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2968

Representative Marc Catlin - marc.catlin.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2955

Representative Dominique Jackson - dominique.jackson.house@state.co.us - 303-866-3911

Representative Dylan Roberts - dylan.roberts.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2923

Representative Jon Becker - jon.becker.house@state.co.us - 303-866-3706

Representative Jessie Danielson - jessie.danielson.house@state.co.us - 303-866-5522

Representative Kimmi Lewis - kimmi.lewis.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2398

Representative Lori Saine - lori.saine.house@state.co.us - 303-866-2906

Hemp Foods Bill


Read More info about hemp foods bill here
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