GW Pharma Bill - Conference call for committee on Tuesday

Newsletter 17 October 2019
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Attention all Colorado Hemp Companies producing any CBD or other cannabinoid product made from Industrial Hemp.

GHC is working on defeating the GW Pharma bill, HB18-1187 here in Colorado. This is the most important issue in hemp currently and if this bill passes it could have enormous consequence on the growing and thriving Hemp Industry and CBD products here in Colorado and nation wide.

THIS BILL GOES TO COMMITTEE on 3.20.18. GHC is holding 2 conference calls to discuss and confirm our position and what to do before & at committee. Please be on one or both calls. Please participate and be proactive regarding the GW Pharma Bill as this pertains to our future. ALL WELCOME!

Please be aware that Bob Hoban, the HIA-CO and all member's of the Hemp Policy Round  Table SUPPORTS this bill language currently according to the their lobbyist (Cindy Sovine - actively working with GW on this bill) and HIA-CO. They believe the "carve outs" are sufficient to "protect" the hemp industry in the future. Please be reminded that there is NO LAW in Colorado which currently addresses or protects hemp/CBD products.


How you can help and participate!
Call in #: 319.527.3373

Date/Time: 3.18.18 @ 4:20 pm & 3.19.18 @ 2:00pm

Pin: 136042 (may not be required)

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