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Newsletter 17 October 2019
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Attention all Colorado CBD Hemp Companies, farmers, manufactures, producers, wholesalers and consumers involved in CBD.  Our Hemp Foods Bill will  be introduced soon here and it is vital that we all know what the hemp foods bill is, does, says and most importantly passes becoming new law.

Below is information about the Hemp Foods Bill in perpetration for a Free Hemp Conference Call GHC is hosting on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at both Noon and 4:20pm. Please join and share the word.

We are hosting a Free Hemp Conference Call regarding the Hemp Foods Bill on 3.7.18 at Noon and 4:20 pm (MST) - Please join us for an update, address questions, concerns and other related matters regarding the Hemp Foods Bill.

Call in #: 319.527.3373


Facts About the Hemp Foods Bill

MAIN Goal: Add a new definition of Hemp Foods Product in the Colorado Pure Foods and Drugs Law, which will make Industrial Hemp not adulterated and not mislabeled. The Bill also removes the words Cannabis and Marijuana to treat Industrial Hemp like corn or carrots!

ADD NEW Definition into Colorado Food & Drug Act: 
  • Hemp Foods Bill 2018 contains 3 core objectives and requires no fiscal note or need for additional budgetary funds for CDPHE.
  • Create new Hemp Foods Definition and adds that definition into our State Foods, Drugs & Cosmetic Act.
  • Will define Hemp Foods and clarifies that Hemp Foods are not adulterated or mislabeled.
  • CDPHE will be required to regulate Hemp Foods under law and not through a policy statement, which has made it harder for groups to obtain licensure from CDPHE. The current policy statement provides zero legal protection and can be rescinded at anytime.
  • The new definition will protect the Colorado Hemp Industry from Federal Government intervention inside our state.
  • The new definition will prevent and eliminate any future concern that big pharmaceutical companies like GW Pharmaceuticals will create a monopoly on any future distribution, possession, use of CBD and other Cannabinoids. They treat them as drugs, but we treat them as food.
  • Example: CBD in Hemp is like beta-carotene in carrots and must be regulated and treated in same way.
  • Hemp Foods Bill definition into Colorado’s Foods and Drug Act will protect the thriving and growing Industrial Hemp industry, farmers, processors, manufactures and consumers from expected DEA, FDA and Big Pharmaceutical intervention in the near future.  
  • Without the Hemp Foods definition, all parts of the plant, including Cannabinoids along with farmers, manufactures, processors and consumers have zero legal protection under state law.
  • The overall economic impact if the Hemp Foods Bill and new definition is not added to the Food and Drug Act will be 100% against Colorado’s Industrial Hemp economy in favor of GW Pharmaceuticals and its CBD product, which expects approval by FDA in June 2018.
  • The Hemp Foods definition will secure the current and scaling growth & production of Hemp Food Products with and without Cannabinoids (like CBD) indefinitely within our state.
  • The new definition provides local counties with legal guidance and direction on how Colorado regulates and defines Hemp Foods (currently this is non-existent).
  • This Bill will provide the State of Colorado with legal standing against Federal authorities under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

Issues with existing CDPHE Policy Statement

  • CDPHE refused to change the Food and Drugs Act last year and threatened to have the Hemp Foods Bill Vetoed by the Governor if passed.
  • Last year, $80,000 was raised to pay for lobbyists to lobby in favor of the Hemp Foods Bill in 2017. The bill never came to fruition, the $80,000 has disappeared and the industry has been severely disappointed and impacted.
  • CDPHE claims the policy statement was done with the help of Hemp Industry Leaders – this is not true and they intentionally excluded key stakeholders in these discussions and held meetings behind closed doors with unregistered lobbyists.
  • CDPHE’s policy statement provides zero legal protection for farmers, processors, manufacturers and consumers of Hemp Foods as well as from future federal intervention.
  • CDPHE policy statement requires CDPHE approval of the Industrial Hemp, which is unlike how they regulate other foods. CDPHE is not treating hemp like corn or carrots.
  • CDPHE was the original cause of the hemp CBD/food chaos in the Hemp Industry in 2016, which lead the way for the intended Hemp Foods Bill fully supported by the Colorado hemp Industry.
  • CDPHE policy can be changed at will by the department – policy statement is not law.
  • CDPHE has provided zero protection/protocol and oversight to Hemp processors who extract/concentrate Hemp resin/compounds/Cannabinoids  (and in some cases remove THC in large amounts).
  • CDPHE has proven itself very hard to work with both before and under the new policy statement. CDPHE’s actions have forced numerous hemp farmers, processors and manufactures to hire attorneys in order to get them through what should be a simple licensing process. This has caused undue and unnecessary burden and expenses.
  • The policy statement provided no deadlines and or requirements for CDPHE to grant licenses or legal standing for applicants.
  • Adding a definition of Hemp Foods in the Colorado Food and Drug Act is critical to protect our thriving industry from DEA, FDA and future targeted legal actions against individual farmers, processors and/or manufactures.
  • Both FDA and DEA has made it clear that CBD is considered a Schedule 1 Drug and all producers and distributors are in violation of 2 Federal Laws: 1) CSA and 2) Federal Foods and Drugs Act. 

Why the Hemp Foods Bill is CRITICAL to pass in 2018

  • GW Pharmaceuticals Bill – GW (a foreign company) has been given exclusive rights to use Federal patents on Cannabinoids like CBD.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals has passed multiple bills in other States, which have made possession, distribution and cultivation of CBD products illegal and considered Schedule 1. Citizens of those States must have a prescription and products have been pulled off the shelves in multiple States. Charges and arrests have also been made over CBD and CBD products in some of these States.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals is expected to get FDA approval of their CBD product in June 2108.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals falsely claims they need state approval to perform clinical trials.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals falsely argues that Insurance companies will pay for these FDA approved CBD products.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals has made statements that both Industrial Hemp CBD products and prescription products can coexist. These statements are absolutely false as a scheduled drug cannot also be a food.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals argues that doctors need the ability to prescribe CBD products. This is not true when these same products are on store shelves all over Colorado.
  • GW Pharmaceuticals brings zero value to the existing Industrial Hemp industry and does not intend to work with local hemp farmers.

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