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Newsletter 17 October 2019
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Attention all Colorado Hemp Companies, farmers, manufactures, producers, wholesalers and consumers who are following the progress of the GW Pharma Bill here in Colorado!

Below is an update of the Stakeholder/Sponsor meeting on 2.15 (last Thursday).

We are hosting a Free Stakeholders Conference Call today again at 4:20 pm (MST) - Please join us for an update, address questions, concerns and other related matters regarding the GW Pharma Bill (1187)

Call in #: 319.527.3373


Update from the 2.15.18 Meeting

2.15.18 Meeting Quick Overview (audio also available)

Most recent draft arrived that morning for meeting – not all people had copies provided, all were seeing the 2.14 and the 2.15 bill changes at that same moment. (SEE BILL & CHANGES HERE or see below)

GHC provided copies of the first bill language which was scrapped (on 2.13.18 after conversations with GHC, GW Lobbyist and Cindy Sovine w/Sovine Consulting) and a new draft was provided to GHC on 2.14.18 which was also posted via SM on the morning of 2.15.18

GHC desired changes and additions were discussed, specifically the Industrial hemp section and language that would be in line with the hemp foods bill definition.

Representative Janet Buckner was amazing, and we were all so grateful for her kindness and caring today. She truly does have the interest of both sick, disabled children as well as the co hemp industry at heart. She also explained the reason she supported this bill due to her passion and work with sick/disabled children.

Senator Don Coram (also present/not bill sponsor), mentioned his concerns about this bill, his experience with hemp and support of it as well as dropping some wisdom on us all about legislative process.

Sovine acknowledged there was a “mad dash” on 2.14 to change to bill to address industry concerns just recently brought up. 

Attendees were told that work was done for months on this bill with lobbyist Cindy Sovine and GW. It quickly became clear that the majority of the Colorado Hemp Industry had zero participation or awareness of this bill until just recently until notice by GHC. There was a great deal of concerns pointed out by different stakeholders of which both the Senator and bill Sponsor were most attentive to. GHC changes suggested for the hemp “carve out” – adding in …..including  all parts of the hemp plant including but not limited to….

Some Concerns brought up:
  • GW Patents and potential effect on our industry as we currently know it
  • Concerns about Colorado Hemp industry’s investments being jeopardized by out of country pharma company
  • GW drug will benefit about 1000 children in Colorado for 2 specific conditions
  • Industry believes in and recognized the benefits of cannabinoids
  • Perception of reality – adding fuel to fire to feds
  • FDA   will be releasing 300 page amendment/update regarding CBD
  • Plea to Colorado leg. – not opposed to children getting medication. Protect CO Industry and not walk with blinders on about current FED administration.
  • 1st stepping stone for big pharma or corp to hurt local businesses and farm
  • The perception to the rest of the sates and the FEDs by allowing this bill to pass- acknowledging CBD is a drug
  • Future actions down that road by FDA which are currently unknown and no one can guarantee
  • Specific group of children in Colorado will not have access to CBD rx drug (approx. 1000 according too GW) if not passed
  • Bill title still has the word Cannabidiol
  • Hemp stakeholders were concerned the bill was moving to fast.  GW contended this was urgent to pass and sick kids needed it.
  • Concern that we were only looking to protect GW efforts of CBD perception of drug and not hemp products with CBD currently being produced as food in Colorado.
  • GHC addressed FDA position of CBD & existing state laws for hemp (cultivation and SB-196 provisions)
  • All lobbyist in room continued to try and reassure that the new bill language was addressing issues being raised.
  • Adding the word Board of Pharmacist to clarify
  • GW recognized that their products will be more expensive and for those parents who cant afford their drug could use other options, like CBD products currently sold in Colorado.
  • VC attempted to get group to agree with the direction of the new language of the law. Some agreed while others still had valid concerns they wished to address and were given time to do so.
  • It was clear that there was no consequences with the current language of the bill as of 2.15.18 and the existing bill language as of 2.15.18. it was concluded that everyone could follow updates on GHC site, contact Cindy and Craig (Ganga Law). We agree there would need to be more discussion and conclusion of how to address Tuesday and Industry position on this bill.
  • Overall there was no agreement on the

Listen to the full audio of the meeting (approximately 1 hour)
1. Full Audio From 2.15.18 Meeting
3. Who will get access to GW drug in CO & GW Exclusivity

**Please note that if you are having issues with the audio to load, please use a different browser. thanks.**

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