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Newsletter 17 October 2019
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It is critical that we all take a unified industry position on this GW bill. Any new law can have unforseen consequences and it is very important that this agenda does not impact Hemp in Colorado in any way, now or down the road.

GHC is working on getting a stakeholder meeting set up with the sponsors of this bill for Thursday February 15, 2018 at 10:30 at the state capital (more info coming soon). It is a perfect opportunity for them to hear our concerns and understand how this could impact the hemp industry.

There currently is language in the bill which attempts to address the concerns of the Hemp Industry but we are not convinced this provides any protection in the end for us.

Please take a min to read the bill. CLICK HERE

GW Pharma Bill - HB18-1187

This Bill presents many significant concerns for the Colorado Hemp Industry:

1. This Bill will only help special interests, specifically GW Pharmaceuticals (a foreign company). GW Pharma holds exclusive licensing rights to patents owned by the federal government regarding Cannabis and its derivatives as a medicine. The classifying of CBD in State Stature as a medicine would provide a legal standard for GW Pharma to inhibit all CBD in the State of Colorado, which is not licensed through GW Pharma. Colorado would be handing over an entire State economy to a foreign company.

2. The FDA regularly approves new drugs for prescription by doctors and the State never writes those drugs into Statute. The classification of CBD as a prescribed ‘drug’ is not needed. This Bill holds hidden intent to write specific language into Statute.

3. Similar Bills in other States have resulted in significant problems for otherwise legal State residents.

4. Colorado is already looking to regulate CBD and other Hemp related products through a Hemp Foods Bill. This Bill will remove Hemp and its derivatives from the Food and Drug Act as well as properly regulating those products through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The Hemp Foods Bill is a Bill which should be promoted instead of 1187.
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