Hemp Product Competition Updates/Deadlines

Newsletter 17 October 2019
Hello Visitor,

We have made some updates to the Hemp Product Competition submission fees and deadlines. Please see more below. Looking forward to heaving as many amazing hemp product submissions as possible for the IndoExpo2018 event.

New Fees & Deadlines

Competition Fees & Requirements (updated 12.5.18)

Entry Requirements and Fees:
  1. Non Cannabinoid focused Hemp Products (ex. CBD products) which DO NOT require any testing: $100.00 for first item/category and $35.00 for each additional item/category.
  2. Cannabinoid/Terp Focused Products which do require State Certified lab testing (ex. potency, solvents, pesticides etc) are $250 per item entered, per category and $75 for each additional product/category 
  3. MAKE PAYMENT HERE  - menu of items will open up, scroll to bottom till you see "Product Submission Fee",add to cart for as many items you are entering and check out. Payment can be made in bitcoin or with Credit Card. Please contact us with any issue regarding payment.
  4. Complete Basic Competition Submission Form (CLICK HERE and scroll to bottom of page)
  5. Five (5) samples required 1 for public display at event, 1 for testing and 3 for judges.
  6. Cannabinoid/Terp Focused Product samples must be provided with labels and recent test result(s), no later then January 1, 2018. Non Cannabinoid focused Hemp products are due by Jan. 15th, 2018.
  7. Deadline for event print booklet is Dec. 8th, 2017 - for all artwork (logo, pic, product description, company info).
  8. History or summary of product(s) made and origins of material. Please also include anything other special considerations to be made for the Judges and Public about your product.
  9. (optional) Quick video presentation clip for judges and the public and web site. No longer than 2 mins and no less than 30 seconds. Mp4 file, submit via email to info@growhempcolorado.com or include your youtube links in the submission form.

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