34-0 PASS! Hemp Animal Feeds Bill - THANK U Sen. Kerry Donovan

Newsletter 17 October 2019
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2017 has already proven to be a very interesting and eventful year for Industrial Hemp here in Colorado and nationwide with much more to come. It is critical to stay up to date with the most relevant and factual information to make the best education decision for your business.

Please read more below about new developments.


Passed with unanimous support, 34 to 0.! HUGE THANK YOU to our bill Sponsor Senator Kerry Donovan and co sponsor, Representative Jeni Arndt.

Due to the amazing Kerry Donovan and AG Press Reporterproactive efforts of Senator Kerry Donovan, Colorado Dept of Ag - Animal Feed Division and GHC, the steps forward toward getting hemp approved for animal foods and livestock feed have just gotten much more realistic.

Recently, "Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail, said the bill is an opportunity for Colorado to support the hemp industry while also supporting rural Colorado, where agriculture is an important part of the economy.

“Agriculture is critical to my district and the state, and anything we can do to diversify and support those small family businesses is exciting,” Donovan said."

This is one of GHCs, two critical Hemp Bills this year and it is absolutely amazing to see both Democrats and Republicans coming together 100% behind hemp.

Thank you Kerry Donovan so much for making hemp history with us and bringing all together at the Capital to support our hemp industry and the amazing potential we have. We will make you proud!!!

Why is 109 important?
1. Mandates a State study/work-group (2017) for the future allowance of using hemp in animal food and livestock feed. Example. Cattle Rancher will be able to get USDA approval for their meat which has been feed hemp - currently hemp is not an approved ingredient and USDA would not allow anything to be put on the consumer market if using hemp in feed, jeopardizing any potential revenue for the Rancher thought his meat.

Lots more info to come and there will be opportunity for all to participate and we encourage you to do so. All input is important and valued.

Read the full Bill here...

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GHC Free Hemp Conference Call - 2.15.17 - discussing the recent "raids" in Alaska and cbd products.

Special guest, Caleb Saunders CEO of the Green Jar will be on the first half to discuss what happened and why - 11 MJ stores were raided in one day, seizing all hemp products, many of which were from Colorado suppliers like CW Botanicals, Mary's Nutritionals and others.

The second half of the call will be with special guest Ember Haynes to discuss the hemp billing in Alaska and her hemp company - Denali Hemp Company

"Alaska statute specifies that CBD oils are indeed a marijuana product and therefore under the supervision of the Marijuana Control Board. Federal laws, however, have caused problems for some Alaska companies who have up until now assumed CBD products were separate from marijuana.

“As defined in statute and regulation, this oil meets the definition of ‘marijuana,’ ‘marijuana product,’ and ‘marijuana concentrate,’” according to the Feb. 9 press release from the Department of Commerce. “The Alaska Department of Law confirms that products derived from the marijuana plant are regulated under AS 17.38 and that there is no separate provision under state law that allows oil with any particular composition of CBD or THC to be regulated outside of AS 17.38 and 3 AAC 306.”"

CLICK HERE to see the Official statement regarding product confiscations here
CLICK HERE to see Alaska's Hemp Bill language.
Join us next week on Wednesday at 2pm (MST) for next Free Hemp Conference Call

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