Feds take next step to control all cannabinoids!

Newsletter 17 October 2019
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The Feds move fast when they want something and there is no doubt that they want full control and regulation over Cannabinoids. It matters not from which plant (hemp or mj)  cannabinoids come from. This is more, not so good, news of these efforts which can and will directly impact Hemp.

In very short summary/opinion, feds are clearly planning to reschedule "cannabis" to 2, they are opening the pathway for GW Pharm new CBD product here in USA and world wide distribution. It is also clear in the attached document that Feds want control of all cannabinoids (naturally occurring and synthetic) and actions for rescheduling could happen within next 12-24 months.

Feds do not discriminate between which plant the cannabinoids come from, so those who believe that hemp cannabinoids are protected under Fed Farm Bill are incorrect.

Please read and share document - Starting on page 16 is where cannabinoid info starts at below....
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International Drug Scheduling

"Update on Cannabis and Cannabis resin: At the 37th ECDD meeting the Committee requested that Secretariat begin collecting data towards a pre-review of cannabis, cannabis resin, extracts and tinctures of cannabis at a future meeting.

Consistent with this request, two updates on the scientific literature on cannabis were prepared and subsequently presented to the Expert Committee. Following its deliberations the Committee noted that the current Schedule I of the 1961 Convention groups together cannabis and cannabis resin, extracts and tinctures of cannabis.

Cannabis plant and cannabis resin are also in Schedule IV of the 1961 Convention. The Committee further noted that there are natural and synthetic cannabinoids in Schedule I and Schedule II of the 1971 Convention.

The Committee recognized: - An increase in the use of cannabis and its components for medical purposes; - The emergence of new cannabis-related pharmaceutical preparations for therapeutic use; - Cannabis has never been subject to a formal pre-review or critical review by the ECDD. 

The Committee requested that the Secretariat prepare relevant documentation in accordance with the Guidance on the WHO review of psychoactive substances for international control in order to conduct pre-reviews for the following substances: - Cannabis plant and cannabis resin; - Extracts and tinctures of cannabis; - Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); - Cannabidiol (CBD); - Stereoisomers of THC.

The Committee recommended that these pre-reviews be evaluated at a specific ECDD meeting dedicated to cannabis and its component substances to be held within the next eighteen months from the 38th meeting.

The purpose of the pre-review is to determine whether current information justifies an Expert Committee critical review. The categories of information for evaluating substances in prereviews are identical to those used in critical reviews. The pre-review is a preliminary analysis, and findings at this stage should not determine whether the control status of a substance should be changed."

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