Hemp Rule Making & IndoExpo 2017

Newsletter 17 October 2019
Hello Visitor,

Happy New Year 2017! Lots of things coming this new year such as new rules, new fines, lots of hot seed, Hemp Hallway at the Indo Expo event and much more.

Hemp Rule-making - Public Comments - 1.19.2017

Your participation in Colorado's Hemp Rule Making each year is critical!

Please join us in person or live stream for the 1.19.17 Public Hemp Rule Making Meeting.

Please take a few moments to read the purposed new rules as they directly affect you and your hemp farm, application, registration, new fines and much more.


2016 Hemp Year in Review Meeting @ CDA

2016 Year in Review at the CDA - Catch up below if you were not there in person!

New Rules being purpose, seed which went hot, seed certification and much more was discussed at this meeting. Critical information to listen to especially about what 2 varieties went hot in 2016.

Rule Making - New Rules Purposed - PLEASE READ HERE- Public Meeting and comment on January 19, 2017

See the Power Point Presentation from the 2016 Year In Review HERE

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Hemp Hallway @ The Indo Expo 2017

pictureJoin us in the Hemp Hallway this year at the Indo Expo!
Event: Indo Expo Jan. 2017 – Hemp Hallway
Organizer:  GrowHempColorado  (720) 401-5609  Email: info@growhempcolorado.com
Location: The Denver Mart
Cost: Only $100 for both days

We have a ton of room this year so you can set up to sell or just market your goods to attendees!  And you get one entry ticket for your $100 fee.
Tickets: Vendors will receive 1 tickets to the event with their packet
Dates/Times: Friday January 27th 9am – 7pm (Day 1 is Biz to Biz and Day 2 is open to public), set up info will be sent to vendors email before event.
The HEMP HALLWAY is an great opportunity for any Hempsters and their small business to attend the Indo Expo for a vastly reduced cost. 

Please contact GHC directly about participating in the Hemp Hall way not the Indo Expo.

Indo Expo Website
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