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Newsletter 20 November 2018
Hello Visitor,

Colorado's Hemp Harvest is around the corner and it seems that almost every week something new has happened which effects the Hemp Industry here in Colorado and nationwide.

GHC is Colorado's open source solution to all things hemp and continues to proactively offer and introduce solutions that will help your hemp business, farm, products or services. Please let us know any way we can improve or assist you further in addition to the items below in this newsletter.

REMINDER: HEMP FOODS ISSUE meeting will be announced soon so please save the date and plan on attending.

Hemp Foods Issue Update - New Time Line Added

A new, user-friendly timeline has been added specifically for the evolving Hemp Foods/CBD issue. Hemp In Foods Issue Timeline

Please reference and share the Hemp Foods Issue Timeline to keep updated on the ongoing progression of these matters.

If there is anything that GHC can do to provide easier access of information for you, please don't hesitate to submit any suggestions to Admin.

Three new items were recently added:

1) Feds new "Statement of Principals" on Industrial Hemp - Clear attempt to redefine hemp limiting it only to seed and industrial purposes specifically.
Not law but is new policy which could become law via a Court Ruling in the favor of the policy if enforcement action was taken.
THC is also redefined in this new statement, unlike before, which DEA seems to be backing up a new interpretation that all cannabinoids are THC which together need to be .3% or below.
Please read as this effects Industrial Hemp as a whole in all states and situation especially those growing female hemp only and or those with a focus on bi products such as CBD, whole plant extracts etc.

2) Feds new position on Hemp Organic Certification - this is both good and bad news.
Good: Feds have again OKd that domestically grown industrial hemp can be certified.
Bad: Organic Certification is only possible for hemp as defined in the new Position of Principals. According to how it reads, female only hemp farmers would NOT be eligible for organic certification.

3)NEW TODAY - "Approval" of Floras Bake Shop Wholesale Manufacture License from CDPHE. Registration was processed but "dose not represent or convey approval...of products that may contain prohibited ingredients (industrial hemp and CBD)..."

CDPHE is "still taking the position that such hemp-based foods are "adulterated" and cannot be sold in Colorado or distributed in interstate commerce." - David Bush Attorney At Law.

Consider following the Hemp In Food page on FB, created and managed by Flora's Bake Shop, now know as Flora's Mercantile, about this issue.

Please read these new documents closely and if you have questions please contact GHC via email or by text message (contact info below).

Please CLICK HERE to see Timeline

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Harvesting - Things you may need for your Hemp Harvest

Hemp Combine Harvesting Services

Colorado's Hemp Harvest is right around the corner and there is TONS of seed to be harvested....so exciting and great job to everyone this season!

If you are looking for Combine Harvesting Services, GHC can help assist with getting you scheduled today. Text/Call 720.401.5609 or email info@growhempcolorado.com

HARVEST REPORTS: Don't forget to file your Harvest Reports. The CDA is more busy this year then ever so it is important that you get your harvest report(s) in as soon a possible. If you need help or have questions about submitting your Harvest report 30 days before harvest, please contact GHC. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

TESTING: Those in need of testing services pre-harvest or post harvest from a Colorado State MJ Lab, GHC offers a Hemp Testing Coop which provides access to METRC tags and the best labs.

CMT Labs in Denver, CO is a GHC recommended State Certified Lab which offers both great customer services and high quality testing solutions/results.

PROCESSING: Hemp Seed Processing including drying, cleaning, bagging, oil pressing, stalk decordification, and extraction services are all available directly through GHC or 3rd party GHC Members recommended.

Please contact GHC directly to discuss your specific harvesting or processing needs or check on HempsList.org under Farming Services and or Processing Services.


HempsList.org - The Craig's List for Hemp

Advertise Your Hemp Products/Services/Events!

HempsList.org - The CraigsList for HempLooking for an easy way to sell your raw hemp materials, processed materials, hemp products, events or services?

GHC has recently revamped our sister site HempsList.org to allow for single or multiple posting management and control by hemp vendors.

Two options are available for Vendors:

1) Full management of your own postings including direct communications with customers, management of online orders directly from post, images, SEO and much more.

2) HempsList will post and manage your single or multiple posting for a small set up fee in addition to the posting package price (based on # of items)

Get started today and immediately benefit from GHC 500K-1 million hits per month which roll over to HempsList.org.


See Posting/Advertising Packages HERE
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