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Discrimination in Hemp “De-scheduling”Sent on 11 July 2018Call to action regarding recent amendment my Mitch McConnell banning all drug felons from hemp
Hemp Foods Bill TODAY!Sent on 02 April 2018
Hemp Newsletter - Update on GW Pharma Bill & Hemp Foods BillSent on 30 March 2018Hemp Newsletter - Update on GW Pharma Bill & Hemp Foods Bill
GW Pharma Bill - Conference call for committee on TuesdaySent on 16 March 2018GW Pharma Bill - Conference call for committee on Tuesday
Hemp Foods Bill Conference CallSent on 05 March 2018
Hemp Conference Call TONIGHTSent on 19 February 2018Hemp Conference Call TONIGHT @ 4:20pm regarding updates on GW Pharma Bill here in CO
Stakeholders Meeting Thursday - GW Pharma BilllSent on 12 February 2018Stakeholder Meeting Thursday Update - GW Pharma Bill
Att: GW Pharma Bill In Colorado Sent on 11 February 2018
Hemp Product Competition Updates/DeadlinesSent on 05 December 2017Hemp Product Competition Updates/Deadlines for IndoExpo2018
Hemp Hallway - IndoExpo2018Sent on 28 November 2017Hemp Hallway at the IndoExpo 2018 vendor, sponsorship, seminars/speakers and product competition.
Call To Action - Kentucky Hemp Needs Our Help!Sent on 01 March 2017Bad CBD language in Ky Bill. Must get removed.
34-0 PASS! Hemp Animal Feeds Bill - THANK U Sen. Kerry DonovanSent on 16 February 201734-0 PASS! Hemp Animal Feeds Bill - THANK U Sen. Kerry Donovan
Alaska Hemp CBD products confiscated.
New Hemp Rules & IndoExpo 2017 Hemp HallwaySent on 16 January 2017New Hemp Rules Public Hearing this week and Indo Expo at the end of this month.
Feds take next step to control all cannabinoids!Sent on 11 January 2017International Drug Scheduling by feds to control all cannabinoids.
Hemp Rule Making & IndoExpo 2017Sent on 03 January 2017Hemp Rule Making/Public Comments and The Hemp Hallway @ the IndoExpo 2017
FED New Definition for ExtractsSent on 14 December 2016this is a must read if you have anything to do with cannabinoids
Hemp Foods Bill Draft & Live Weekly UpdatesSent on 23 November 2016Hemp Foods Bill Draft & Live Weekly Updates
Hemp Bill Draft & Virtual Weekly Updates/BetaSent on 21 November 2016Hemp Bill Draft & Virtual Weekly Updates/Beta and more.
Hemp Federal Grants - Get your FREE money!Sent on 02 November 2016Federal Grants for hemp, 3rd Annual Colorado Hemp Symposium, 80k goal with thank you to all those who have gave already.
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