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Hemp Leaf Tea - Loose Tea

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Colorado Hemp Leaf Tea, loose tea (not in tea bags). Convenient and easy way to use hemp and get the benefits of CBD.Ingredients include a special tea blend (caffeinated), roasted and ground hemp seed and hemp leaf that is dominate in CBD. Made in Colorado.

How it works: This special and unique blend uses the natural oils released from the hemp seed using the hot/boil water, to assist in the extraction of the CBD and other benefits from the hemp leaf. The longer that it steeps the better and left overs can be refrigerated and enjoyed as cold tea. Using the sun in the summer months it a great way to let mother nature take over the process of making you the best hemp tea in America.

Many customers like to further flavor their hemp tea with honey or their favorite tea blend. Many people have reported excellent sleep after drinking the hemp tea and other drink in place of coffee throughout the day and have experience a more relaxed, stress free day

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